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카누 분류

[1박 2일 카누 캠핑 : 7월 16일~17일] 캐디 레이크 바위터널(Caddy Lake Rock Tunnels) 카누 캠핑

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Caddy Lake Rock Tunnels: Canoe Trip: 1-Nights Camping (Intermediate)


Discover the Famous Caddy Lake Rock Tunnels!

COMPLEMENTARY Food replacement bars

FORECAST: 29°C (high); 19°C (overnight low).

LOCATION: Caddy Lake Resort

(49°48'21.8"N 95°12'55.3"W)
DISTANCE: Drive (163 KM/2 HR 9 MIN)
Canoe Route: (12 KM/4 HR)

FEE: Official Members: FREE; General Members: $30 (Cash, E-Transfer: info@outdooradventure.org or PayPal/Credit Card: https://outdooradventure.org/fees)

Canoe/Life Jacket: $30 per person
Carpooling: $70 per car ($35/each with 1-passengers or $23/each with 2-passengers)

10:45 AM: Meetup
Pony Corral (1050 Nairn Ave)
(49°53'59.2"N 97°04'47.4"W)
11:00 AM: Pickup Canoes
11:45 AM: Drive to Lake
Caddy Lake Resort
(49°48'21.8"N 95°12'55.3"W)
3:30 PM: Setup & Canoe to the Campsite
7:30 PM: Camp Setup & Supper

08:00 AM: Environmental Exploration
10:15 AM: Take down Camp & Setup Canoes;
11:00 AM: Canoe to the Vehicles;
04:00 PM: Drive to Winnipeg.

MEDIA RELEASE: Video Recorded & Photographed
TERRAIN: Lake Water
DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

REQUIRED: 6-RSVP Participants; Park pass; Consumables (2-days of food); Clothing carried (change of clothing; extra pair of socks; long sleeve shirt; jacket); Packing (backpack; stuff sack for food; rain cover/plastic bag); Shelter (tent); Sleeping (sleeping pad/foam; sleeping bag); Water; Review camping list.

Group Items (provided): Hydration (water filter); Navigation (GPS; map; compass); Protection (first aid kit; fire kit; whistle; bear bangers; flares; location beacon); Repair kits; 14 Meters of paracord used as bear hang kit.

RECOMMENDED: Bug spray, Sunscreen; Extra clothing and towel in a water-sealed bag; Head/neck wear; Gloves; Headlight/flashlight; Whistle; Survival blanket; Snacks; Extra footwear; Rain gear (just in case); Change of clothes for ride home.

OPTIONAL: Chair, Cot, Home Shuttle Service (FREE on the way; otherwise $0.50/KM).

We meet around 10:45 AM in the parking lot of Pony Corral: 1050 Nairn Ave, and we load the canoes at 11 AM on our cars (protective foams provided), then make our way to Caddy Lake.

This paddle takes you through two amazing rock tunnels that connect three separate lakes. You are almost guaranteed to have yourself some peace and quiet after going through the first tunnel. They were blasted through solid granite rock when the railways were built, somewhere around the turn of the twentieth century. The shores of these lakes are lined with beautiful mature trees and provide many opportunities to observe the diverse wildlife. It is not uncommon to see deer, fox or eagles during your trip.

PHOTOS: Aug 22th | Aug 25th

Participants are required to fill out the registration form and media release. Registration forms are provided at the event, or you may print and fill it out prior to your arrival: https://outdooradventure.org/registration


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